DataEngConf is the first technical conference that bridges the gap between data scientists, data engineers and data analysts. Conference talks focus on examples of real-world architectures of data pipelines and platforms, and applied, practical examples of data science.

  • 2 days of insightful talks by 30+ leading data scientists and engineers from top teams at Google, Databricks, Spotify, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Hortonworks, Dremio, Citus Data, Stanford University, Columbia University & many more
  • All-new special content including a Chief Data Scientist Keynote Panel and all new Startup Track, plus our popular Investor Panel of top VCs in the data space
  • Extensive networking opportunities at the conference, or connect with speakers & attendees at our Monday night after-party between conference days
  • Our highly popular Office Hours with speakers and separate tracks that focus exclusively on data engineering and data science
  • Attendees that are highly-technical data scientists, engineers & analysts from top tech, media, finance companies and startups around the NYC area
  • Connect with partner companies at our Sponsor Spotlight to discover their available data jobs and latest product developments
  • Also, included with your ticket: coffee, breakfast and lunch!


Join the data community at Columbia University
in NYC on Oct 30-31.