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How to Gain the Community Edge in your Data Recruiting

By Pete Soderling


In my years as an engineer, founder and developer-wrangler, I've learned that data recruiting is crazy hard. I've also learned that the best, and perhaps only way to build meaningful relationships with the greatest engineers is to be present and active in their communities.

"To be involved in the community, you need to get out of your chair." Tweet:
- @PeteSoder  

But being active in a developer's community takes a considerable amount of effort and an ability to engage an engineer in a way that's meaningful to them, and not just meaningful to you (i.e. "look at my job post here" or "talk to my recruiter there!").

Rather, many companies underestimate how much effort and honesty it takes to be involved in these communities. And while many try, most don't have the resources to launch a meaningful and engaging community for developers on their own. This is why, for most companies, the best solution is to meet the developers where they're at, and find ways to be as involved as possible in the highest quality technical communities - online and offline.

What We've Learned While Building This Conference

DataEngConf, which has been a community event from the beginning, started with the launch of the NYC and SF Data Engineering Meetups, (founded by my startup, Hakka Labs). These smaller community events allowed us to test our content focus, and better understand what data engineers needed most.

Here are some of the things we learned along the way...

  • The best engineers wanted to know the why behind the data platforms being built - not simply the how.
  • Many data engineers had one eye on data science and were curious to dip a toe in the water - with a goal to either try to become a data scientists themselves, or at the very least, to learn how to work better with the data science counterparts on their teams.
  • Being active in the community and partnering with others with similar goals makes the entire community larger and stronger. And most importantly, it adds value to the data scientists and engineers in the community, too.
  • Building community produces deep and meaningful connections. Just this week, I heard yet another story about one of the attendees at our last conference who landed a job in a data role at a company that she met at the event. (She's ecstatic and so am I.)

Throughout our development of DataEngConf, we've continued to build strong relationships with key players in the broader data community - CTOs building data teams; top open-source contributors; other Meetup organizers adding value through events; education and training programs teaching data skills; and even VCs investing in data-oriented companies.

Connecting the Greater Data Community

This year at DataEngConf we're continuing to expand the ways to get you, our community, involved. For attendees, this involves a low-cost Community Pass centered around keynotes and our Thursday night after-party. For companies, we've created new options for those interested in hiring data engineers and scientists to participate in Community, Table and Party sponsorships.

We're even integrating our workshops into the community in an innovative way. This year, on the day before the main conference, local Bay Area companies will host our data workshops at their offices, giving attendees a special opportunity to see what it's like to work inside a modern tech company, including enjoying lunch with their data science and engineering team.

Your company can be a part of our community in any of the above ways, which are:

  • Attend keynotes and our Thursday night after-party with the Community Pass
  • Join us for a full, one day, hands-on workshop led by top data teams
  • Get our 2017 Sponsorship Prospectus to learn how you can participate at our event as a Community, Table or Party sponsor

The most important thing to us is that your team is there, which is why we're also happy to include free tickets for your team to attend the conference for our sponsors. Why? Because our goal is to help you build meaningful relationships with the greatest data scientists & engineers - and the best way to do that, is through being active in the community - especially for data recruiting.


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Pete Soderling

Written by Pete Soderling

Pete is a software engineer, 3x founder and angel investor. As the founder of Hakka Labs and DataEngConf he loves to build community for software engineers and has some bumps and bruises to prove it. Previously, he was the founder of Stratus Security (a cloud-based API platform) and mechanikal (a software development agency in NYC). Pete has spoken across the globe at conferences like RSA Security and O'Reilly Strata, been an organizer of the QCon conference series, and had his moment of fame as a TEDx speaker. He's currently a mentor at 500 Startups in San Francisco, even though he lives in Jackson Hole, WY, where the snow is far better.